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Megnyílt Hollandia első hidrogén-töltőállomása
Netherlands’ First Public Hydrogen Fueling Station Officially Opened
The first public hydrogen fueling station has opened in Netherlands, on the 5th of December. The project belongs to Avia petrol company and the affiliated station will be unveiled in Arnhem.
A sínek alá helyezett párnákkal is lehet energiát termelni
Pads to harvest energy from trains
Innowattech has broadened their energy harvesting designs to harvest energy from railways as well as roads (see Energy harvesting roads in Israel ). The company has performed a project with the National Railway Company of Israel.
Új világcsúcsot állítottak fel a szerves napelem cellák kategóriában
World record efficiency for organic based photovoltaic solar cells
While they offer much lower efficiencies than inorganic photovoltaic cells, organic solar cells are cheaper to produce and are lightweight and flexible.
Új adatbázis osztályozza a hajók hatékonyságát
New Database Rates Energy Efficiency of Ships
A new online database,, gives efficiency and emissions ratings for 60,000 ships worldwide to push fleet owners to start using cleaner and more efficient ships.
A sajtkészítésnél használt baktériummal bioüzemanyagokat is lehet termelni
Cheese-Making Bacteria Could Be Used to Produce Biofuels
A team at Concordia University recently discovered a novel way to produce sustainable biofuels using bacteria commonly used to transform milk into cheese.
China buoys climate talks with
Solar energy harvesting Oriental Hornet inspires scientists
Cancun summit divided over carbon market reforms
EU countries launch North Sea electricity grid
Microorganism Breakthrough Could Make Methane Production More Efficient
NASA Discovers New Life Form, Could Revolutionize Green Energy
New Japanese Button Battery Generates Power From Vibrations
Spain to Build World’s Largest Wind Turbine
Wind Cubes concept could power your home with wind energy
Pope Benedict XVI keen on getting a solar-powered Popemobile
Researchers develop Wing Waves to generate energy from ocean’s swells
Engineers Are Designing Underwater Turbines Inspired by Whales
China Unveils Fuel Cell Light Rail Train
Soil Microbes Define Dangerous Rates of Climate Change
Audi to charge e-tron EVs using solar power
Giant biogas facility to power thousands of homes using cow dung
Commission proposes ban on industrial gas offsets
ITM Power's hydrogen on-site trials
US and China signal thawing of relations in Cancun
The world four degrees warmer: flooded, starving, and broke



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