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EU: A szélenergia felválthatja a szennyező üzemanyagokat
EU: Wind can replace 'polluting and finite' fuels
"Wind energy can replace a large proportion of the polluting and finite fuels we currently rely on," claimed European Union (EU) Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs at the opening session of the European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC) today.
A tudósok azt üzenik a vezetőknek, hogy a tétlenség megbocsáthatatlan
Climate inaction 'inexcusable', scientists tell leaders
A high-level scientific climate conference concluding in Copenhagen yesterday (12 March) delivered a tough message on the social and economic costs of failing to address climate change to world leaders expected to hammer a post-Kyoto global deal in December.
Egy gáz, mely 4.800-szor veszélyesebb a szén-dioxidnál
MIT Discovers Greenhouse Gas 4,800x More Potent Than CO2
MIT has discovered an industrial fumigant that has 4,800x the potency of CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Even more interesting is that this fumigant came into widespread use in the campaign against the depletion of the ozone layer.



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