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A gazdasági válság valódi oka az energia hatékonyságának csökkenése
Declining Energy Quality Could Be Root Cause of Current Recession, Expert Suggests
An overlooked cause of the economic recession in the U.S. is a decade long decline in the quality of the nation's energy supply, often measured as the amount of energy we get out for a given energy input, says energy expert Carey King of The University of Texas at Austin.
A PUMA fenntarthatósági díjat kapott Németországban
PUMA Receives German Sustainability Award for Ambitious Sustainability Strategy
Sportlifestyle company PUMA today received the German Sustainability Award 2010 in the category “Most Sustainable Strategy”. The jury rewarded PUMA’s ambitious strategy that envisages the transition of the company’s product portfolio to sustainable products.
Az EU a nemzetközi kereskedelmi megállapodásokban is figyel a fenntarthatóságra
European Parliament adopts resolution on CSR in international trade agreements
The European Parliament adopted on 25 November 2010 a resolution on corporate social responsibility in international trade agreements (2009/2201(INI)).
Az emberi test hőjével működik a sebtapasz méretű MP3 lejátszó
Sticky Band-Aid Sized MP3 Player is Powered by Body Heat
MP3 players are getting smaller and smaller, but this Band-Aid shaped one is the thinnest we’ve seen! Ideal for fitness enthuiasts, the Skinny Player sticks to peoples’ arms meaning no need for clips, belts or player holsters. To make matters even more interesting, the device runs on human body heat.
Vasúton szállít a Marks & Spencer
Exclusive: M&S rail distribution to provide platform for sustainability
Marks & Spencer has turned to rail distribution to lower its carbon footprint as part of its ambitions to become the world's most sustainable major retailer by 2015.
Telefónica and Nokia launch “Green” Mobile Phone Offer
Skoda Auto received
Unilever pledges to halve environmental impact by 2020
Levi’s Water
M&S green chief: Europe losing sustainability lead
World’s Greenest Whiskey Distillery Unveiled in Scotland
Sustainability Driving Change and Innovation in Packaging Industry
New Danube River Sewage Treatment Plant Will Have Green Roof
Kimberly-Clark Debuts Tube-Free TP
Coca-Cola Hellenic showcases CO2 reduction success at leading European sustainability conference
Biomass by Ahhaproject
European alternative energy sector bolsters R&D budgets
Dell, IBM, HP, top Newsweek’s Green Rankings 2010
Panasonic reaffirms ecology commitment with declaration of new European eco pledges
Porsche Planning Hybrid Version of All Models
France sees solar growth unaffected by budget cuts
The Promise of
Accenture finds 5 Major Obstacles to Systemic Implementation of Sustainability
Wal-Mart Announces new Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives
Volkswagen Group extends its environmental objectives



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