There can be little doubt now that the anthropogenic global warming myth (AGW) has been well and truly scotched.

The impending global warming disaster forecast by computer models just isn't happening according to observed fact. We have had no warming since 1997 despite ever increasing CO2 emissions. Rather, the weather in the Northern Hemisphere last winter - the coldest on record in China, worst icing conditions on Canada's Eastern seaboard in living memory, blizzards in the USA which killed the winter planted wheat, even snow in Jerusalem - would perhaps indicate that we are already in a cooling period akin to the Dalton Minimum (1745- 1830) or even the much colder Maunder Minimum (1645 - 1715).

Currently, there is 400,000 square miles of Arctic ice more than usual for this time of year and the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing a very cold winter with increasing Antarctic ice, a state of emergency declared in 11 of Peru's 25 districts, and reports of snow in sub tropical Queensland!

Overall, the average temperature of the planet in the last year has dropped by 0.6 degrees C or almost all of the gains in the previous 100 years!

Is it not rather strange that in these circumstances, Sir Robert Watson, Chief Scientific Adviser to DEFRA and former Chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) should be issuing statements that we should prepare for a temperature rise of 4 degrees C by 2050 and that we must "cut emissions" of CO2 by much more than the 60 per cent promised by Brown's dysfunctional government.

Source: iStockAnalyst