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9189New GE products promise to boost wind turbine output
Engineering giant claims new control system will make it easier to integrate wind farms with the grid
9184Shell to focus on biofuels and raises dividend
Royal Dutch Shell, Europe’s largest oil company, said Tuesday that its alternative-energy strategy would focus more on biofuels than wind or solar energy but revealed that investments in the sector were still only a tiny fraction of its overall business.
9183EU: Wind can replace 'polluting and finite' fuels
"Wind energy can replace a large proportion of the polluting and finite fuels we currently rely on," claimed European Union (EU) Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs at the opening session of the European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC) today.
9177Atmospheric 'Sunshade' Could Reduce Solar Power Generation
The concept of delaying global warming by adding particles into the upper atmosphere to cool the climate could unintentionally reduce peak electricity generated by large solar power plants by as much as one-fifth, according to a new NOAA study.
9168Climate inaction 'inexcusable', scientists tell leaders
A high-level scientific climate conference concluding in Copenhagen yesterday (12 March) delivered a tough message on the social and economic costs of failing to address climate change to world leaders expected to hammer a post-Kyoto global deal in December.
9167Sunlight could turn CO2 into methane
U.S. scientists say dual catalysts might turn carbon dioxide and water vapor into methane and other hydrocarbons using titania nanotubes and solar power.
9165Shell and Codexis expand biofuel agreement
Royal Dutch Shell plc and Codexis, Inc. have expanded an agreement to develop better biocatalysts that could accelerate commercialization of next generation biofuels. Shell also increased its equity stake in Codexis and will take an additional seat on the company's board.
9163MIT Discovers Greenhouse Gas 4,800x More Potent Than CO2
MIT has discovered an industrial fumigant that has 4,800x the potency of CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Even more interesting is that this fumigant came into widespread use in the campaign against the depletion of the ozone layer.
9162Quite a lot according to Boeing and Vestas
Quite a lot according to Boeing and Vestas
9155Biofuel from waste 'can reduce landfill'
Using household waste to produce bioethanol can reduce landfill dramatically while producing heat and electricity, Mika Aho, managing director of leading Finnish bioethanol company St1 Biofuels, told EurActiv in an interview.
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9154US pumps $84m funding into geothermal energy
Department of Energy announces up to $84m in funding for enhanced geothermal projects
9152US biofuel industry calls for rise in ethanol ceiling
Having signalled his support for biofuels, Obama now faces calls to increase amount of ethanol that can be blended with conventional fuels
9150Gales deliver Spanish wind energy record
Over a third of country's energy demand met by wind power Gales across North West Spain helped to deliver a new record for the country's wind energy industry last week when turbines at one point covered over 40 per cent of the country's energy needs.
9147Geothermal Power Continues Strong Growth, New Industry Report Shows
A new report by the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) shows strong growth in new geothermal power projects continuing into 2009.
9135Bionavitas Announces New Algae Growth Technology for Biofuels Production
Bionavitas Inc. has unveiled its patent-pending Light Immersion Technology (LIT), which could dramatically increases algae yields in a cost-efficient and scalable model.



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